Manufacturing method of water-based environmentally-friendly crayon

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  A crayon is a pen-shaped material obtained by uniformly mixing and casting a wax-like substrate and a pigment, which can be used for painting, writing, marking, and the like. The crayons currently on the market are generally paraffin, pigments, calcium carbonate, vaseline, etc., of which the paraffin component accounts for about 70%, the pigment accounts for 5-10%, calcium carbonate 10%, and petrolatum 10%. After mixing, heat and stir and pour into the mold. Although this kind of crayon is easy to prepare, it is not easy to adhere when writing on rubber and tires, and because the tires are mostly dark black, the color rendering effect is not obvious. At the same time, this kind of crayon is prone to softness and slagging, especially when the product is placed on The day after tomorrow appears unstable and becomes soft and loose, cleaning is more troublesome, and the environment causes pollution and cannot meet the requirements for use.
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